Friday, August 19, 2011

The Business:


Murals: I create and paint murals for your home, school, or business. Imagine home murals: nurseries, children's or teen’s bedrooms, family rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, hallways, or home offices, and beyond. Visualize endless school or classroom murals for teaching, design, or function. Consider needed or wanted office wall painted projects for design and function.
Mural designs can incorporate partial wall areas or be wall encompassing. They can include 1 or 2 walls, the whole room, or extend to multiple rooms. They can be simple and singular image or detailed and complex, as well as variable in style. Styles range from fun to fabulous, linear to tonal, and from animated to realistic, or design-wise functional.
More: The “More” part of my business is painting or drawing almost anything, as well as on almost anything. Paintings on canvas and drawings are an option, duplicating or painting from photos. Additionally, I paint either basic, visually textured, or patterned walls to refresh or bring interest to a room. Paint décor pieces: children’s book cases, toy boxes, ABC boxes, wooden name plaques, decorative wooden toys, and “How Tall am I” wall plaques, etc. For other areas of the house: trunks, canisters, memorabilia boxes, chore charts, family message boards, to-do charts, and shelf décor, wall lettering, and more.
You ask and I can, most likely, paint it: a jungle, forest, or tree, animals, Disney logos, office logos, Disney or Winnie-the-Pooh characters or others, the alphabet, numbers, graffiti style wall images, geometric designs, striped or diamond wall patterns, solid or visually textured, almost limitless. Tell me your thoughts and ideas & we will go from there!

For You or As a Gift

How many times have you thought you’d like to accent or personalize a room or to have a unique décor piece made, or even a painting? All you need is an idea and me. Do it for yourself or as a gift. The best gifts aren't bought from a shelf in a store, grabbed from stack of mass-made items, but come from the heart, are planned out, unique, personalized, and are one of a kind.

So! That is why I wanted to have this little business of mine - Sweetums’ Murals & More. So I can continue doing what I love & share it with others.